14 Days Urgent Visa AED 400

Dubai is an all-time favourite destination for travellers due to its unmatched attraction sights, numerous job opportunities and world class leisure and business facilities. Notably, majority of travellers will require a visa for Dubai entry especially in cases where a visitor is not eligible for visa free or visa on arrival entry. The 14 days urgent visa offers a fast and convenient way of entering Dubai for short term business or service travellers. The 14 days visa urgent visa application requires at least 24 hours. As such, its application process is brief and faster as compared to regular tourist or visitor visa applications.

Requirements and documentation

The 14 days urgent visa applicant must provide a scanned passport copy that should be valid for at least 6 months, coloured passport photos preferably with a white background and relevant urgent visa application fees. Online applicants should submit the passport photos in PDF or jpeg colour format. A guarantor’s passport and visa page copy both valid for at least 3 months may also be required.

The 14 days urgent visa is valid for 14 days from the issuance date but it allows a maximum 14 days stay in the UAE. The visa holder can only enter Dubai or their preferred UAE country once within the 14 visa validity days. Local visitors and tourists must give valid reasons in order to apply 14 days visa urgently. Visiting family and friends must provideadequate documentation as proof of their relationships. For instance, a foreigner with a local spouse must provide proof of marriage.

The 14 days visa is a business class or service visa that is not extendable. Applicants can only stay in Dubai for the stipulated 14 days without a stay extension option. Visitors who do not have guarantors in the UAE may be required to give a security deposit. However, this requirement does not apply to families travelling to the UAE for vacation purposes.


The 14 days urgent visa is a single entry and exit visa ideal for one-time holiday makers. However, it may also be issued to short term business travellers who are looking to close quick deals in the UAE and travel back to their countries within 14 days. Despite your reason for choosing the 14 days urgent visa, we are always ready to assist you by offering quick and hassle free 14 days urgent visa services. We are a licensed private visa agency in Dubai that focuses on helping both tourism and business visitors alike apply for and acquire UAE entry documents within the shortest time possible. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us for your 14 days urgent visa application.